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Dustin Kava

's Bio

I am a Dad, serial entrepreneur (Nhalables, Wayward Media, Boro Network) and blockchain fanboy.

Dustin Kava is a Father, customer advocate, serial entrepreneur and visionary with over a decade of experience in the cannabis & tobacco ancillary industries. He has been studying the future of the cannabis and borosilicate glass industries for over 10 years and has has a passion for helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into profitable businesses.  Dustin recently exited from his business Nhalables (https://www.nhalables.com) one of the highest rated pipe galleries in the country and is currently spending his days helping Trav Media Group develop websites for some of the most trusted brands in the cannabis industry.  He can also be found guest mentoring students at the Cleveland School of Cannabis along with co-hosting a weekly show “because cannabis” with B.C. Wehman on the https://Wayward.Media network. It’s easy to hear his passion for technology specifically, how web3 is going to affect business and how it can be used to scale customer service in any industry.  

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